Closing the Loop. An initiative by Banner Business Services.


Closing the Loop. An initiative by Banner Business Services.


HM Revenue and Customs securely recycles 12,000 tonnes of waste confidential papers. A secure national solution delivering peace of mind and a significant improvement on the volume of waste paper recycled


On 18th October 2007, a junior official of HM Revenue & Customs ("HMRC") sent data on child benefit claimants to the National Audit Office. The data, sent on two CDs contained details of 25 million individuals and failed to arrive. On 20th November 2007, after an extensive search had failed to recover the missing data, HMRC Chairman Paul Gray resigned. The Chancellor made a statement to the House of Commons and the Prime Minister was ultimately forced to apologise for the "inconvenience and worries" caused. He also ordered that security checks be undertaken by all government departments. On 25th June 2008, a report by Kieran Poynter, Chairman of PWC concluded that the loss of the disks was "entirely avoidable". A separate report, by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, highlighted "woefully inadequate" processes. Subsequently, HMRC conducted its own internal review of its procedures for managing confidential waste documents. It revealed that whilst arrangements to destroy confidential waste were in place across much of the organisation, a large number of different contractors were involved - appointed at local level - each of which offered different services. What was needed was a single, robust national solution that guaranteed maximum security whilst also ensuring that the waste paper was recycled wherever possible.

O Caso de Estudo

Banner Business Services Limited - a subsidiary of office2office plc - is the contracted provider of office supplies, paper and computer consumables to HMRC. For many years, the company had provided a collection and destruction service for confidential waste, via a third party. Banner entered into a dialogue with HMRC regarding the opportunity to extend the service currently provided. It was identified that all confidential documents should be destroyed on-site, rather than collected and destroyed elsewhere, to eliminate any chance that they should be lost in transit.

Benefícios Comerciais e Ambientais ao Consumidor

Robust and secure, national solution to a high profile problem, delivering peace of mind to the customer and a very significant improvement in the volume of waste paper recycled.
  • 12,000 tonnes of paper per annum recycled
  • Recycled products purchased by the customer, "closing the loop"
  • Guaranteed security (on-site destruction process removes risk of data being lost in transit)
  • Consistent process / solution across the whole of HMRC, rather than local arrangements
  • Regular, scheduled visits remove the risk of a "build up" of confidential waste in the future

Informação da Empresa

The solution was delivered by Banner Document Services Limited (a joint venture between office2office plc and Shred Easy, a leading provider of on-site document destruction services).