Has Google responded to your letter addressing their incorrect claims about paper?

Submitted by: Claire Wilson Answered by: 22/02/2013


Hi, A few weeks ago you sent a letter to Google regarding their Go Paperless campaign. We have promoted this within our company and to our followers on Twitter. If possible, wed like to also promote Googles response to the letter. Have you already received a reply from them If so, could we promote it. We fully support Two Sides and would like to help anyway we can.
Many thanks
Claire, Marketing Manager, AlphaGraphics Nottingham


Hi Claire,

Thank you for your question and support!

There has been no official response but some minor amendments to their website. We believe they have, however, taken on board our criticisms and we hope they will be adjusting their misguided strategy.

We will inform you on any updates.

Kind Regards,

Two Sides Team

STOP PRESS! Website has now been changed to remove any damaging messages which imply that print and paper is bad for the environment!

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