How do we know if a printer is environmentally friendly?

Submitted by: Alistair Sawyer Answered by: Martyn Eustace 29/07/2013


Hi Twosides... Has anyone ever done a cost comparison of Dot Matrix continuous stationery printing versus Ink Jet and/or Laser printing. It would seem to me that the clunky old printer sitting in the corner which you chuck a 5.00 ribbon at every year or so and keep fed with very cheap multipart stationery must be more economical than a very expensive digital printer The cost for ink, single sheet paper, power consumption for fusing toner, not to mention the Ozone emission issues and cartridge costs are far more expensive than Con. stat. paper systems

Kind regardsAlistair


Well, you could be right but I haven't seen a study and doubt if there is one. But when the clunky old printer in the corner packs up I guess you'll have to make a move in a new direction! having bought a small office printer in the last few months I realise the choices from an environmental point of view are difficult to make.; lifetime for cartridges, disposability, etc..however, all the manufacturers I know have some pretty detailed environmental information these days so I would ask them some pertinent questions.
Good luck. Martyn

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