How do we become a representative body member?

Submitted by: Tom Clements Answered by: Sonya Sanghera 12/02/2013


Hi,Im on the executive of the Irish Printing Federation and Im enquiring about the cost of representative body membership. Can you give me a guide on how this is calculatedTom


Thank you for your recent question to Two Sides.

In response to this, a Negotiated Fee is usually discussed regarding the cost of a Representative Body Membership; this is dependent on how you would like to cooperate with Two Sides?

For example, is there anything you would particular like from Two Sides when working in cooperation with us? Is there any specific material you would like to use?

We can calculate a suitable negotiated cost dependent on how you would like to work with us.

Any Representative Body actively involved in the Graphic Communications Supply Chain that commits to the prevailing Two Sides Principles
and files a fully and accurately completed application form with the Two Sides Secretariat is eligible to become a Representative Body Member of Two Sides.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Sonya Sanghera

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