The average person will pay an extra £440 a year for goods and services, compared to those who use the internet


In parts of Wales, for examnple, one in five people have never been online. Now, a campaign is being launched to protect consumers' rights to choose how they are contacted by banks, utility companies and other service providers. The Keep Me Posted campaign says it is unfair to discriminate against those who can't go online, and is calling for customers to be given the choice to keep paper bills without charge. "In my daily life I hear many concerns about the move to paperless bills and statements, but even more concerns about the right to choose being taken away from consumers. "There is no doubt that many businesses, in their drive for greater efficiency and cost savings, have forgotten to take their customers with them on that journey." ‚Äď Judith Donovan, Chair of the Keep Me Posted campaign The campaign found 41% of people would be worried about missing a payment if they weren't receiving physical reminders in the post. Learn more by visiting the Keep Me Posted website.

Source: This article originally appeared on the ITV website.